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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Added some colour to the previous character concepts.
I like the stereotypical dominance of blue for the boy and pink for the girl, it is a fairytale romance after all. It might be fun to have some crossover with their respective colours to point out their connection; her diamond having a blue hue to it, and maybe his necktie could pink.

Second Day's doodles

Wayne's feedback:

Why animation? Is this idea worthy of the medium? Could this be done in live action? What aspects of the story persuade you that it’s better produced in animation?

Do you see this as a graphic novel style? Is it an exercise in 2D/3D matching?

Is the suitor a cad? Does he deserve such treatment?

A thought - At some point in the action maybe the suitor has to choose and takes the necklace over the girl – thus the lovers are morally in the right.


Saturday, 23 January 2010


I'm really against the idea of the ring on a necklace for a number of reasons that i think far out way any the reasons for having it:

Its too messy and its not an immediately accessible image. Its like we're shoe-horning in an iconic image when it doesn't really fit logistically.
If our antagonist is a formidable opponent he wouldn't stand for her wearing it around her neck.
Surely they plan to sell their haul? if he proposes with it, then he's proposing with someone else's ring, hardly keeping with the romance in the plot.
throwing the necklace and keeping the ring means we lose the slight-of-hand that fits the protagonist so well.

Friday, 22 January 2010

The Great Ring-Gate Affair

Honestly, I'm with Kieran on this. I see what you're saying though John. I don't think it's too complex - it's very common - and wearing it round her neck also is a symbol of not wanting to wear it on her finger! Again, if introduced appropriately at the start I don't see a problem. And yep, a big cliche' diamond ring - on a chain. I think it's pretty sound. If anything, solidifies the reason why the guy chases him so much and is so panicked - if it's an engagement ring, it makes a lot more sense than just an exspensive jewel - which he may or may not have bought for her anyway....


I think having a ring on a chain is pretty perfect. It solves how the bandit feigns throwing it by having him just throw the chain as a decoy. Then he can present the duchess with the ring once they're re-united. We can still use a bloody huge jewel, it has the symbolism of marriage proposal and the nice visuals of the hanging necklace. I like it whatcha think? I just e-mailed Wayne the last synopsis.

necklace/ring ?

A diamond on a necklace is maybe a bit confusing, or just not as elegant. Rather than propose he could just strap it back on around her neck before they wave to the duke. That way its returned to its starting position too.

Revised Synopsis

Argh why can't you copy and paste?!

Anyway, revised synopsis:

A bandit makes an elaborate theft of a stately female train passengers' valuable jewelled necklace. Pursuaed by her adoring suitor through the train, the thief alludes to discarding the jewel overboard. Whilst the panicked suitor is distracted, the true nature of the heisst is revealed - the lady passenger has simultaneously released the carriages, and our bandit and the lady - star crossed lovers, as it is revealed - disappear with the engine - and the necklace - into the distance.

Influenced by 'Pyrats' amongst others, the plan is for 2D characters within a 3D reference/comprised environment. The era/time period is possibly of an Edwardian feel, but essentially timeless - ie. Pratchett-esque.

Whaddya think?

Had a good think about the necklace thing last night - I reckon a great big diamond ring ON a necklace - if you made a show of the suitor admiring himself in it or something in the start, so it's clear he has given it to her, maybe - and then also at the end, you've got a nice shot of the bandit proposing with it as they make their escape. Don't know, ideas?

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Here is a rough shot at a synopsis:
A bandit snatches a jewel necklace from stately female train passenger and makes a break for freedom pursued by guards. Cornered he flings the jewel from the train and while the guards go after the jewel, the bandit makes off with the woman, his accomplice who is left unguarded.

It occurs to me that our Duchess still needs a Duke whom she has to evade so elaborately- an antagonist.

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