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Friday, 22 January 2010

Revised Synopsis

Argh why can't you copy and paste?!

Anyway, revised synopsis:

A bandit makes an elaborate theft of a stately female train passengers' valuable jewelled necklace. Pursuaed by her adoring suitor through the train, the thief alludes to discarding the jewel overboard. Whilst the panicked suitor is distracted, the true nature of the heisst is revealed - the lady passenger has simultaneously released the carriages, and our bandit and the lady - star crossed lovers, as it is revealed - disappear with the engine - and the necklace - into the distance.

Influenced by 'Pyrats' amongst others, the plan is for 2D characters within a 3D reference/comprised environment. The era/time period is possibly of an Edwardian feel, but essentially timeless - ie. Pratchett-esque.

Whaddya think?

Had a good think about the necklace thing last night - I reckon a great big diamond ring ON a necklace - if you made a show of the suitor admiring himself in it or something in the start, so it's clear he has given it to her, maybe - and then also at the end, you've got a nice shot of the bandit proposing with it as they make their escape. Don't know, ideas?

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