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Friday, 18 February 2011

Animatic V4.1

Flying Duchess Animatic V 4.1 from J H on Vimeo.

Contains the most up to date line tests and CG elements. The stand in sound effects and score from the last animatic have been replaced with rough cuts of the character 'dialogue'.


  1. Looking good guys its really starting to come together! The jewel being thrown into the air looks brilliant! The title is placed really nice until it follows the train for a few frames then animates of screen in the other direction, maybe it could fade out. I feel like it doesnt know what to do at this point.

    Are you going to have someone mix your sound?

  2. Appreciate the jewel comments :)
    The score, sound effects and voice edit are all in production and we hope to have them in a month or so. The timing on this animatic is absolute so we shouldn't need any sound editing once they come in.

    The title is still something being developed, we thought it would maybe dissipate like the smoke from the engine? thoughts would be welcomed.

  3. Looks fantastic guys, was nice to speak to you all the other day, looking forward to future updates. Kev Adams


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