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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Emily sketches

Hello - please accept my humble offering. A few sketches I did of Emily. I didn't want to put all of them up, so here are my favourites. She's not as on-model as I would've liked, and probably out of character in a few, but I hope to fix that soon. I was really just wanting to get used to drawing her, but please, critique to your hearts content!

Been watching a lot of period dramas and animation with princesses to try to get an idea of how her dress might work.

Are there any specific kind of drawings you're wanting me to do?


  1. Good job! Like I say Freya is very much in charge of all character work, see what she says...

  2. These are excellent, good work. I really like the top right ones where her hair looks kind of untidy.
    I'd quite like to see her in poses and situations outside of the films action to help solidify who she is.

  3. These are frrriiiiickin' AWESOME!!!

    Lyndsy you're a genius!! So sorry I haven't been checking this blog - been too self absorbed doodling away at my own - you've captured her completely, I love it. The hair and feet I believe, in particular, are 10 times better than my own renditions, I'll be looking at you to reference them now! As for what else to do, keep familiarizing yourself with the character, it's looking brilliant. Soon I'll have some keyframe ideas worked out for you to go through the animatic with. :)

  4. These are lookin so good!! Good on ya :) I love the ones in the top middle especially much, there's so much character in them.



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