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Monday, 27 September 2010

Peer Review Feedback

Please comment on this post with any feedback on the latest animatic and the project a whole.

Although we are steaming ahead with production there is always room for changes. Any opinion is good opinion and we are keen to hear yours, be it ruthless, reflective or just plain random.

Many thanks!


  1. I'm writing up all the peer review stuff for the VLE so I'm just gonna paste in here what I'm putting there...

    I've said already to you guys how exciting this project is looking. The 2D/3D blend is very promising and the addition of the realistic camera style adds a whole new layer to the project. You could run the risk of over-using/over doing this effect but it definitely helps in the action scenes. My only concern is that it might be tricky to smoothly integrate a 2D character in some of the 3D environments with 3D camera moves without the audience noticing some incongruity. But then my eye's been trained to see things like that.

    Something else I would comment on is the final shot in the animatic. Maybe it's years of conventional cinema but this seemed like an odd angle to end the film on. The train traveling side on like that made me think something else was going to happen. I think having a perspective shot with the train going away from the camera in some way would work better.

    Other than that I think everything is going perfectly. You have a solid story that is neither rushed nor stretched into the required time and the pacing works great. The Disney-esque character expressions and animation I've seen so far are perfect for expressing the story and the character relationships, and I think this is only going to get better when fully animated. Just as long as the Duke keeps that pompous, avaricious leer on his face and the Duchess expresses her distaste then I think the relationship and backstory is perfectly implied.

    Oh, and get a haircut, hippy! You too, Kieran.

  2. I agree with Mark's comments about the last shot - looking at it, Kieran what do you think about making it a more aerial, backshot of the train on the bridge? Might make more sense.

    And thanks mark for your contribution, always much appreciated :D

  3. Thanks Mark! I think a more dynamic shot with the train receding will be far better. Haircut out of the question though.


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