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Friday, 14 January 2011

Coloured Frame

Only some thousand more to go. I quick go at a colouing process, unlit. Overall colour tint will be adjusted in comp depending on the scene, these colours provide a starting point.


  1. Looking good, though I wonder if it could do with more contrast... it looks a little flat. Maybe darken the wasitcoat, pantaloons, mask and hair, and brighten the shirt to it stands out more from the hands? This would be particularly important if there was any low-sun orange tints in the comp, that might even blend the shirt and skin together. And in general I think as a main character he really needs to stand out, particularly with the other two characters in such vivid colours.

  2. Meant to add, if you convert it to greyscale you see how similar in tone the shirt and skin are.

  3. Hmm. I like the colours actually, they're good - I worry the line's aren't quite dark enough though. I think that would help with the contrast Mark points out? They're a liiiittle too far to the invisible side.


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