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Friday, 2 July 2010

Full train designs

Here are designs for each of the carriages and the locomotive with bells and whistles added. No really, bells and whistles. The middle carriage will be duplicated, probably three times to lengthen the train. Have made the rear carriage a little vault like as if it is for transporting the dukes treasures- I felt this ties it together visually. Also the railings at both ends leave a nice gap for Edward to leap away from the Duke during the chase.

I will try some colour in these drawings next.


  1. Thanks for the flood of comments, but take it easy I think that's enough.

  2. Love it, this is completely on the money.

  3. Awite bud :D I absoloutely adore it. Speaks for itself. We're going with it, no questions asked :P x


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