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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Les Cites Obscures

Been looking over the exquisite 'Les Cites Obscures' graphic novels by the Belgian comics artist François Schuiten and writer Benoît Peeters- kindly lent by Reinhard. I love the distorted sense of scale and subtle drawing style. Hopefully we can lend these sketchy type textures to our film to help the 2D feel.


  1. have you seen Raoul Servais' Taxandria? it's a film adaptation from one of les cites obscures spinoffs. you'll see the 'sketchy type textures' on film.

  2. Hi there! Actually, Taxandria was directed by Raoul Servais and Schuiten has developped the graphics for the "Taxandria" part. The book was actually produced after the film as a complement to the film's story. Just my 50cents :)


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