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Friday, 17 December 2010

Passenger car gate

The safety gate between the various cars of the the Flying Duchess. Can be pulled and pushed in a concertina movement.
Each bit of the gate is a separate piece of geometry, can anyone tell me how to manipulate them all as a single unit so it can be moved around a scene, rotated, etc. grouping isn't working. Cheers.


  1. This is great John! Could you curve the top bars over a little like an arch?

  2. Grouping should work. Delete history, group, freeze transformations and centre pivot, should work like a dream! :)

  3. ^ this ^

    However, grouping wont work if you have used constraints to attach it to the carridge or anything. Make sure its not aiming or joined to any other objects.


  4. Did you ever fix this? As people have said, grouping should work but it depends on what other inputs their transform nodes have. If you get two connections into the same attribute and it's only designed for one, it either breaks or you get double transforms and things don't behave like they should. The hypergraph/hypershade will let you see exactly what is connected to where.
    You might get nicer results by putting everything inside a group of its own, then putting all those inside a main group (or constraining them to a control) and then applying whatever constraints etc... you require to the geometry afterwards.


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