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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

To Inbetween, Or Not to Inbetween. THAT, is the question.

So I'm halfway through animating Edward in Scene 5 - that's when he smashes through the top of the train and lands in front of Emily and the Duke, much to her feigned, and his genuine, surprise.

The action has to take place over 17 frames the way we've timed it, so no extra time can be garnered. The movement's pretty quick though, so the question is, to inbetween or not...?

Version One is without inbetweens on 2's, and Version Two is inbetweened on 1s. Yup, 1s. *shudders*

Anyway, feedback as to which looks better would be much appreciated. :) I personally am thinking towards 2s - not to influence anyone here - but I feel he falls slower, and paradoxically, the movement is smoother and clearer, whereas on ones it seems rushed, albeit fluid.


  1. Aw man. Having watched them both again I JUST DONT KNOW. HELP.

  2. In both videos there seems to be a clear decrease in speed near the top of frame when the character is dropped in, it then accelerates again after the decrease. You can see the slowing down and speeding up more evidently in the inbetweened version, maybe this is how you want it but the slight speed change disrupts how a fall should be; constantly increasing as he drops to the ground (please tell me if I am misunderstanding the way in which this jump/fall happens).

    Despite this, on initially looking at the clips, for the first 4/5 times, it was very hard to pick out any major differences, so considering the length and speed of the clip I would say, go with your gut, if you need to spend more time on more complex shots, then using the keyframed version will save you a lot of time. You can only see a touch more detail in the inbetweened version so your not going to lose to much. Hope that helps,

    Cant wait to see it coloured!!!!

    Mike. :)

  3. I've been watching them for ages now and I think it looks better on 2s,... just feels nicer and righter (I can't believe Google Chrome isn't correcting that word!) However, when his arms fly up at the end, that looks better one 1s. But that's only because I've compared them. I saw it on 2s first and it worked fine. So, yeah. That's my feedback.

  4. I prefer it in-betweened. You get a much nicer sense of movement from his arms as they wiggle down.

  5. It has to be 2's. There is a greater feeling of weight and it reads far better than the version on 1's.

    Go with the 2's! :D


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