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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Finished Inbetweens - Scene One!

I forgot how long clean-up and inbetweens take. It was very naive to assume that I could do it in a day. Nonetheless, here we have finished inbetweened clean-up!

The great thing about doing this whole scene myself was it's taught me a lot about my process and how I work, so I can easier relay this to my wonderful clean-up artists/inbetweeners from now on. Ie. Having done it mysef, I feel in a better position to be able to explain what I want from the crack team we've assembled. It's given me confidence. :)

So Scene 1 Duke, all done. It's now going to be blown up to a larger scale and retraced to enhance the line quality before we start manipulating it for the reflection/jewel effect. In that process the sash and medals will also be added -all courtesy of the wonderful Lyndsy. :D Lyndsy, I love you. You're a star.

Cracking on with another scene now, yaaaaay!


  1. Where's his sash and medals, Freya?

  2. Don't suppose this is hosted somewhere else as well? I can't get the video to work on either of your blogs :(

  3. Great Freya, maybe the hold when he first puts his hand on his chest could be a little shorter to let it flow better, i feel the gesture is a little broken as is and there is spare time anyway, what do you think?

  4. Fixed, I think. Kieran 'Genius' Baxter just taught me the wonders of Youtube embedding. You learn something new...

  5. Who is this "Lyndsy" character? =O

    Hehe, looking forward to it =)

  6. Who is this "Genius" character? Where do I find him?


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