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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Scene 2 render 21


  1. Beautiful! Lookin great, love the way the light moves inside the carriage

  2. Is that a Tie-Fighter following the train?

    Looking fantastic guys.

  3. Looking great! Nice lighting. Is that the final smoke animation/footage? Cos it looks nice and blends well, but seems a bit like it's being dragged by the engine rather than emitted from. Would be bang on if the train was going a little slower. Not a big issue, just stands out a bit to me.

  4. I thought the smoke looked a little short-lived. Obviously there's room for artistic licence, but generally trains like this huff out smoke almost the length of the train. And I think Mark might be onto something with the smoke following the train.

  5. Bowtie of death!

    Looks pretty awesome, but I think the others have a point with the smoke length/speed. Still, I'm surprised how well the live action elements fit in with the render. Nice one!

  6. Thanks for this. The steam fotage is on double speed at the moment, Ill give it a go at tripple speed and longer lasting, the air must be cold up there anyway.

    I think we will keep the bowtie ufo though. =)


    Slightly different scale...


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