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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Scene16 playblast

Untitled from J H on Vimeo.

Scene 16, where Emily breaks the coupling.
this is a first attempt, criticism warmly welcomed.


  1. Is this the final camera movement? Looks a bit like a POV. If this is the case then needs to be a bit more erratic. The breaking of the coupling is looking good! If it was me personally, I would probably angle the handle of the hammer a little so there is a touch more dimension about it, looks like she is swiping from around the same level as the couplings positioning, which would probably be hard to do.

    ....You could exaggerate the movement of the coupling break even more, giving you a more explosive finale, depends what your going for.

    It does work well though , these are all personal preferences in term of how I would go about it. :)

  2. Thanks.
    It is a POV, the plan is to add real camera rotation to the digital camera movement to make it a bit more erratic.

  3. This looks great man, but I think Mike made a good point about the angle of the hammer, it's very side on.

    Really awesome though :D

  4. I'm with the other 2, bit side on, and eeeeever so slightly... to quick? :P Haha. Looks frickin' sweet tho!

  5. Would a few cheeky sparks help sell this a little bit? Or even just the suggestion of tiny pieces of shrapnel, so it's not such a clean break.


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