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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Trace Stage One Complete

Yaaaay. Have finished the rough frames for the tracing of scene two - remarkably pleased at how well it turned out. Few glitches with volume control in places but hopefully nothing that can't be fixed in the clean-up stage.

Should be up and ready for colour by the end of the week - actually on target! 'Rah!


  1. Looking good, the flappy cloth works nicely. It might be vimeo but the overall movement seems really fast. More like he's a squirrel climbing a train than a man. More so at the start than the end, but it could all use a little slow down to add weight.

  2. Thanks Paul!

    The 'squirrelly' movement was pretty much the effect I was going for, but yes, it's possibly become more exaggerated than I had intended. General thinking is with the slow swoop of the camera at the start of this shot it should juxtapose the speed of this quite nicely; here's hoping I'm right :) It's a slight gamble, but the only other option would be to draw it all again...

  3. I agree with the speed comments. Slowing it down and giving it more weight should make it more natural. Totally love the wind blowing through his clothes/hair, nice job!


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