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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Edward Model Sheet

So the criticism on the last model sheet I did, which I don't think I uploaded, was that he looked too 'cocky' - the character itself was on track, but the attitude wasn't quite there. I worked a litte this time on bringing out his goofy side - what's the verdict? I think this may be Edward just about nailed. It's hard to get across his character in such a static pose, hopefully I'll have an expressions sheet worked out soon.


  1. Yep, confident but not so capable is what we want. His lack of ability will probably be communicated mainly through his performance. Looking good though; ( At-pose would be handy too :b )

  2. Maybe I'm wrong about this but as a matter of technicality should ha have a slightly shorter back and longer legs. Just looking at the run test again this would maybe make him a little more agile.


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