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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

This is a test I made for a now dormant 2D-3D project idea which Luke Smith and I worked on in level two. The moving shadow marks where a 2D animated creature was to be composited. Excuse the stretched video on you-tube.

First the crater was modeled, lit, and rendered from an orthographic plan view. This shading reference was painted over in photoshop and re-applied as luminescent planar projection texture.

The final render uses no light sources- the shadows are built into the texture by hand. This was easy to do as the model was very flat and lent itself to planar projection.

For a similar effect to be attempted on our more ambitiously shaped mountains the process will have to be adapted for UV mapping. Any advice or ideas on how to create a UV mapped shading reference to be painted over would be much appreciated!

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