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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

First Flying Duchess Linetest!

Mwaha! Let it be known it was done in March!

Vimeo link for better quality:

So this is my first ever run cycle, so be gentle. I was going for an arrogant, enjoying-the-moment type of lope, rather than a full on run, hence the exaggerated poses and slight drag. In my head he's looking over his shoulder as he runs away from the Duke; who's chasing him at a distance. So a cocky demeaanour. Unfortunately the goofy side to his character seems to have been lost somewhat, so that's something I definetely need to work on. Edward's character is proving quite elusive to pin down.

Would also like to point out it is unfinished! I gots hands and clean up to do, and then possibly some lights and colouring.......

1 comment:

  1. Lovely stuff; Its only a good thing that the test is highlighting what still needs to be done for developing his character, and how that character is shown in his action.
    Possibly return to drawing him in situations outwith the events of the film? I still think the drawing from a while back of the two of them running away shows exactly who they are and what their relationship is.


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