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Friday, 19 February 2010

Engine research

What's your thoughts on these train designs? they're inspired by the Art Deco movement which is a wee bit outside of our time frame, but they look pretty cool. Possibly too modern looking, but we could always tone that down.


  1. I like these muchus. I love how in the posters the locomotives are way taller then they really are. It's like this a little in polar express art- the train towers up and becomes a lot more fantastical. I like the sort of blade shape this makes it's very nobel looking.

    The Spirit of Progress poster has wings on it!

    I don't think this is too modern I like this more fantastical direction. No toning down- lets keep things crazy at concept stage! =)

  2. Duh duh duh......... I LIKE :D Who'd have thought? Ja just need to think about texturing it down a little so it looks older...? I dunno, obvously v modern here, but I'm looooving the sleek art deco line. V cool.


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