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Monday, 15 February 2010

The Flying Duchess - Storyboards

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your pleasure and entertainment, it is our great pleasure to present the final (hopefully) version of a thrilling tale of love and deception; The Flying Duchess!

Part The First;

In which our players are introduced; the morose, trapped, but beautiful (and cunning...) Duchess; the dastardly, vain Duke, The mysterious but wily Bandit; and, of course, the flying Duchess...

Part, the Second;

In which the brave Bandit makes his gambit! enraging the Duke, and leading him on a thrilling chase! The Bandit gets the upper hand, but how will he escape the Duke?

Part the third, and final!

In which, the conclusion to our tale is told; masks are removed (and donned!), a twist (or two!) in the tale, and the fate of the Flying Duchess revealed!


  1. The more I look at it, the more I want to swap the second last two panals around. It just works so much better. Like, they're about to kiss, and then WAIT TEH BIRD and then awwww, they kiss, off into the sunset. No?

  2. No!
    It goes,
    Ah ha, we have escaped my love, no more duke. Oh ho, whats this? ah yes, the icing on the cake, and the three bandits make off together, one happy family. No?

  3. plus, they cant kiss in front of the bird, thats sick

  4. Unless of course the bandit kisses the bird.


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