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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Production Roles

Here are the main roles as we discussed today.

Director - john
Production Manager - Kieran

Character Design - Freya
Environment Design - Kieran
Prop Design - John

Layout - John <- These three are un-discussed. Comments?
Colour supervisor - Kieran
Sound supervisor - Freya

Lead 2D Animator - Freya
Lead 3D Animator - John
Effects and compositing - Kieran

1 comment:

  1. Environment Layout will be on me and Kieren, character layout will be Freya I imagine, since thats who is responsible for those designs.
    I was under the immpression Kieren would be on
    Colour, I dunno, I guess thats going to need further discussion to arrive at something suitable.

    Also, can I have a story credit?
    And how does 'The Liberty Express' sound as a title?


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